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At Smith Jewelry we are silver smith - gold Smith jewelers 

Historic American Families,  Jewelry MFG


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Reno Rodeo 100 Year Anniversary

ITS A REALLY BIG DEAL - Opening day June 20th 2019

While Smith Jewelers, online, eCommerce solution, is under construction,

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Historic American Families, of Real Jewelry MFG.

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Real Jewelry, is proud to announce we are now also

So if you like us, tell your friends. We are working hard to bring you our very best jewelry and jewelry of America's best Smith Jewelers,  families. Welcoming our customers, friends, and colleagues, to the new eCommerce solution,  so you can do Safe Purchasing, online in confidence soon.

Smith Jewelers eCommerce

Solutions where you can have your winning, designs air brushed onto the landing page model. Sign up and join today, to list and sell your creations on Smith Jewelers website that is currently under construction. For now please  visit us at the: Event calendar shows.