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GREAT eCommerce NEWS, for our Historic American Family, silver and  gold smiths,


We are happy to announce the technology,

we been talking at the industry shows about it for years, waiting for technology to catch up with our needs. Well the time is really, finally, here, now,

and we just bought into it ! 

We are building on our newest, state of the art, mega,

super sized, high traffic, all encompassing, eCommerce, 

integration solution, system, now ! Includes amazon, eBay, seamless integration.

Getting started: Artists Jewelry, Crafts persons, silver, goldsmiths, jewelers, and vendors, most who are here by invitation, or referral, the application process, and requirements are the same.

step 1  upload here  at our Smith Jewelers, form Portal or have your  invitation with application form, sent to you now  by email:

application form, available since February 2nd 2018, fill it out following the instructions, and return it to us.

 Then fill out our contact us form to get your self, and sample products approved.

Step 2. once approved, the application forms will be
returned to you,

Step 3. Using the approved form, we will assist you, as needed, with help uploading  your other product pictures, by stock number, 4 key pricing, that includes free shipping, drop ship instructions, how and when, about your preferred method of payments, for your products as they sell, paypal.com , bank, same day, or monthly totals, check.

Visit our

eCommerce integration solution

Website, under construction today

at: http://www.smithjewelers.com

Sign up and join today, to sell your creations on the newest state of the art eCommerce platform, from there your items will be offered on many of our other venues.